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Monthly Archives: February 2019

A Gorgeous Condo in a Great Location

03 February 2019 by admin

When my friend first told me about the Treasure at Tampines development, I really was not keen on learning more. It is not that I had anything against it but I just felt that it was probably not in my price range. I knew of the location, and I just honestly did not think that I could afford to have that type of address. When he urged me a second time to look at it, I caved in to the pressure. I figured I would look real quick, tell him I did, then I would be off the hook.

So, I went online to get more information about this condo, and I was surprised at the information I found. Continue Reading →

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Creating a Better Mental Challenge

03 February 2019 by admin

Every day I do the crossword puzzles in the newspaper, and I always find them to be too easy. The words in the puzzle are easy to figure out. I kept thinking that I could probably make a puzzle that was more difficult than the ones that were in the newspaper, and that’s when it hit me. I came up with the idea of an app that would allow people to make their own crossword puzzles. I had no skills in making apps, so I contacted a company that would be able to provide a mobile app developer to get it done for me.

The company drew up some plans for the layout of the app, based on the specifics I gave to them. They were able to turn such a simple idea into an elaborate app in just a month. Continue Reading →

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