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Monthly Archives: February 2020

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My Wife is a Del Boy Fan

29 February 2020 by admin

When my wife and I got married, I knew that I was not the only man in her life. When I tell others that, they just look at me with a bit of shock, but I am totally joking. She has had a mad crush on Del Boy from before I ever came into her life. Since she said yes to my marriage proposal, I had no problem with this infatuation! Before we got married, I did a search for Del Boy lookalike to hire for weddings and corporate events because I wanted to have a lookalike at our wedding if it was at all possible.

I honestly was not sure what I would find, but I was not expecting to find a lookalike that was as convincing as the one who came to our wedding. When he came out at the reception to give us a proper toast, my wife nearly fainted! Okay, it was not that dramatic, but she was excited and happy. The lookalike had a lot of fun with her since he knew about her infatuation with this character, and he had not only the two of us laughing but everyone else at the reception too.

He stayed in character the entire time, and he had charmed himself into many conversations with other fans of the show. Some of my mates thought it would be tacky, but they told me later that the reception was the best because of his antics. I know I will never be able to top that one with any future celebrations concerning my wife, but I don’t really need to either. Having Del Boy at our wedding, giving her a lot of attention, has earned me a lifetime of brownie points with her. And who knows, I may be able to top it one day if she gets a new infatuation with another character!

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Storm Makes It Lightning 1, Tree 0

12 February 2020 by admin

Have you ever seen lightning hit a tree? We had a tree about 20 feet from our house out back. I was hearing the rain slam against the windows, and the thunder and lightning was pretty bad. It was a pretty bad storm, and my family was getting frightened. We ended up having to call a company that does Long Island tree removal after the storm.

I looked out the back window facing the back yard and was watching the rain and flashing lightning. While I was watching, a blinding light flashed in front of my eyes. I either felt or imagined a sense of static electricity in the air as it was happening. I saw afterimages of the lighting strike superimposed over an image of the back yard. The lightning hit the tree and spread out along the ground toward the shed. The tree blew apart. I am amazed that the wood shrapnel did not break the window. The immediate sound that followed shook the entire house. I felt a thump of the shockwave in my chest. I really do not know how the window did not break that I was standing and looking out of. My wife and kids screamed. I tell you that I was pretty shook up too.

The top of the tree, except for a stump about five foot high, was laying on the ground. I am glad it fell away from the house. The tree had to be about 60 feet high. It was the only damage from the storm. Nothing was hit, and there was just the tree to clean up and some grass to replant. It could have been so much worse. I have been outside in the lightning when it was not raining so hard. I will not be doing that again. At the first sign of a storm, I am not hanging out next to the windows either!

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