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A Crash Course in Civil

05 September 2016 by admin

For a very important job interview, I lied on my resume about being able to use Civil 3D. Lying on resumes is a common occurrence, but usually companies investigate the lie before hiring a person. They didn’t in my case, so when I got the job, I was glad, but also worried that I would lose it instantly if I couldn’t find some way to learn enough information to use Civil in time. The job started on Monday, so the quickest way was to find Civil 3D training videos and cram the information into my brain over the weekend.

Using a website with comprehensive training videos in Civil 3D, I started at the beginning, taking notes on everything being mentioned and using the program along with it. I was having trouble understanding how everything worked in the beginning, but after hours of usage, I began to understand it. Time went by so fast that I didn’t realize that Friday had come to an end. I was feeling tired from all of the videos, so I went to bed and woke up early the next morning to start my video training again.

Saturday packed with more training videos, each one with more detailed material than the last one. It was like I was taking an entire months long course in the span of a weekend. I didn’t bother to make anything for dinner, because it would have wasted too much of my study time. I just ate some chips and a couple of slices of bread. At the end of the day, I went back to bed and woke up again on Sunday morning. While watching the videos on Sunday evening, I was getting that same feeling that I used to get when I would wait until Sunday evening to do my homework that was due on Monday.

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