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A Gorgeous Condo in a Great Location

03 February 2019 by admin

When my friend first told me about the Treasure at Tampines development, I really was not keen on learning more. It is not that I had anything against it but I just felt that it was probably not in my price range. I knew of the location, and I just honestly did not think that I could afford to have that type of address. When he urged me a second time to look at it, I caved in to the pressure. I figured I would look real quick, tell him I did, then I would be off the hook.

So, I went online to get more information about this condo, and I was surprised at the information I found. Sure, it is a bit more than what I had planned on spending for a condo, but it was not the huge price tag that I was expecting. I did some quick math and realized that I would definitely be able to afford to live there. With that realization came a hunger to learn even more about this condo development. I wanted to find out what I could on the actual developer to make sure that a solid reputation was there, which it is.

After that, I was like a kid in a candy store. I just wanted to see everything. I wanted to see the floor plans for every type of condo, and I also wanted to see what features were going to be in place for residents. I looked at the transportation available in the area too as well as the stores and different businesses in the area. I knew after such an exhaustive look that I would definitely be happy living at Treasure at Tampine, so I did the next logical thing and gave my information for consideration. Now, I play the waiting game, but it is one that I am going to win!

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