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Best Hacks for Agar Game

01 December 2015 by admin

I have been playing this new game on my phone and I must admit that it is starting to get me a bit addicted. I do not generally like being addicted to things, but when it is a game, it is not such a bad thing. I can see how it could get out of control, but it is not like I am playing it at dinner or anything. However, I am looking for an Agar hack to help me to get even better at the game, without spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to get up the leader board.

I found out that some of my friends play it, and they have been playing it a lot longer than me. As such, they are a lot better than me. I want to at least give off the appearance that I am as good at them, or better, and so if I could find some sort of hack for the game, then that would go a long way towards helping me to pull that off.

I really want to make it onto the leader board for the game, but I don’t know how realistic that is. It seems like you would have to both be really good at the game, and also spend a lot of time playing it, to get up on the leader board without cheating. But of course, I am not above cheating on a game. I used to cheat on games all of the time when I used to play them with my little brother while growing up. I did not see much of a problem with it, but of course, he did not realize that I was cheating and he would have been pretty mad if he had found out that I was cheating in order to beat him.

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