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California Beach Living is Awesome

14 August 2017 by admin

Click here if you are looking for your dream home. Well that was what I did and boy am glad I did. I think it is a dream of many people to live close to the ocean, but most of us can’t afford to purchase a house there, so finding a luxury apartment is the next best thing. Well at least it was for me and my husband. My husband works in the IT industry and his job was going to be moving him out to California, so it was going to be my job to find the perfect apartment. We didn’t want to purchase a house, because the housing market is so expensive in California. My husband would be so busy with his work, that he would not have much time to look around for a new place.

At first I thought I would just drive around and look for places, but that did not work at all. I even tried those little magazines they have in grocery stores, but I didn’t have any luck with those magazines either. So I decided going online would be the best solution. I found your website right away and the pictures hooked me. I loved the style of apartments and how close they were to the ocean. I knew my husband would love them. We felt that a three bedroom would be the best for us because my husband works from home a lot. When we went out and saw the apartments in person, the pictures fit the apartments perfectly. That is not always the case, we have gone to others and the pictures were very misleading. We love living so close to the ocean. I think we are both going to be laid back California people. Now all we have to do is learn how to surf.

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