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Creating a Better Mental Challenge

03 February 2019 by admin

Every day I do the crossword puzzles in the newspaper, and I always find them to be too easy. The words in the puzzle are easy to figure out. I kept thinking that I could probably make a puzzle that was more difficult than the ones that were in the newspaper, and that’s when it hit me. I came up with the idea of an app that would allow people to make their own crossword puzzles. I had no skills in making apps, so I contacted a company that would be able to provide a mobile app developer to get it done for me.

The company drew up some plans for the layout of the app, based on the specifics I gave to them. They were able to turn such a simple idea into an elaborate app in just a month. The app had to be submitted to the app store for certification before it would be available for people to download. I’ve often heard stories about apps being in limbo for a while as people work to get them certified. Luckily, my app was approved in a timely manner. I made the app a free one that was supported by ads. I know from using various apps that ads can be quite annoying, so I requested that they only appear when the app was first started and when it was closed.

A lot of other people must have felt the same way that I did about the crossword puzzles in the newspaper, because the app received many downloads. There is a server for people to store their crossword puzzle creations, and a leader board that ranks completion times for uploaded puzzles. This not only encourages people to make more puzzles, but also get people to try out the ones that have been made.

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