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Enjoying Our New Home in Singapore

31 May 2018 by admin

When my wife and I took an assignment from the company we both worked for to head up operations in Asia, we settled on living in Singapore where we have a big office. Our company sweetened the long term deal to go by purchasing us a condo at the New Futura in Singapore. This is an amazing place. There is an entire level dedicated to being an outdoor space within the building itself. This level reminds me of the local park I used to go swimming at and have picnics at with my family when I was a child.

The cool thing about buildings in Singapore is that the architects build outdoor spaces right into the buildings themselves. There are some levels of high rises that are tall and spacious enough to have fully grown trees in them. It is an amazing thing to see. Back home every floor of a building is only so many feet high with each level stacked up on the lower one. Very uniform. The buildings in Singapore are more free-form with your standard height floor spaces and then the taller open areas that let you have the outdoors inside a building.

The swimming pool in our tower goes all the way to the edge of the building. You can’t fall off, but you can look out over the city skyline from your spot in the pool. I go up late at night for a swim as I rarely encounter anyone else out that late at night. My wife is thoroughly enjoying it here in Singapore. They are really up with technology, and that is one of her favorite things. I am into architecture and infrastructure, and there is a lot of innovation here with that. Singapore is an island, so the planners learned to build upward to accommodate more people.

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