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Finally Got an Apartment That is Clean with New Appliances and is Pet-Friendly to Boot!

09 August 2017 by admin

We definitely needed to rent a new apartment, and it had to be a place that was nice, new and pet-friendly. We saw plenty of places that were really nice and clean with all new stuff, but they would not take pets. Then we found places that would take pets, but they were not nice places to live. Then we discovered Tally Square, you can click here to see just how great this place is. Clean apartments with new stuff. The appliances looked brand new. If there was someone living here before us, they must have had a pro cleaning crew come in. It looked to us like it had just been renovated. It looked great and did not smell like anything. That is a good sign. If you smell cleaners or air fresheners, run! The place should not smell like anything at all. You know it is clean then.

We did not find any grime behind the stove. We pulled it out to see as we looked high and low for stuff that would need a good scrubbing before we moved in. Just because we have a dog does not mean we are not clean. Landlords are starting to understand that now too. They are having good experiences with pet owners who are cleaner than a lot of their tenants who do not have pets. Our dog is regularly groomed, has his own version of health insurance and does not have accidents in the house. He is actually picky where he goes.

Anyway, our new apartment at Tally Square has a nice kitchen, the carpeting is plush and feels good under my toes. We have a washer and dryer and a private patio that is really nice too. Our dog, Sam, approves wholeheartedly. We like it here, and we are very happy to finally have an new apartment that is clean with new appliances and is pet-friendly.

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