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I Am Almost Living Like a King

09 August 2017 by admin

Of course it is not exactly what I was looking for when I started out, but it worked out pretty well since two other people at my job were looking for a third person to share the rent. The place is called the Palms at Peccole Ranch apartment homes and it is a really awesome place with modern apartments in Las Vegas, NV. I moved out here about three weeks ago and I got a great job working at this really expensive restaurant. I mean this is the sort of place where an ordinary person would hardly ever see the interior of. However a lot of the time it is like a once in a lifetime thing, however most of the time you are talking about really rich people who are out on vacation. Obviously you save up money for a vacation and then you do stuff that you would not ever do on a normal work day. At any rate this is the sort of place that charges you a small fortune for an appetizer and a nice meal costs a big fortune. Obviously I get a tip, especially if you do a good job and I aim to please.

Still this place costs a lot of money and I would be embarrassed to have one on my own. However when you split the cost three ways it works out really well. In fact it is not exactly three ways. One of the guys is living with his girlfriend, but the two of them stay in the same room and you hardly even notice that she is there. That is because she is always working. The girl has some important job with a resort and they pretty much have her working about sixty five hours a week every single week.

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