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I Am Back from College Now

30 September 2019 by admin

It was a lot of fun at school, but I have come home with a computer science degree and things have mostly gone really well since then. Now for one thing one of my old friends has been letting me sleep in the loft over his garage. The guy has always had a rich family, but in recent years his father has made a lot of really risky moves that have all worked out for him. He was showing me something called bitcoin trader official when I saw him about a week after I got home. I knew a little about this stuff and I was wondering if I could make money with it, then I realized that a single bitcoin is worth over eight thousand dollars right now. It apparently keeps going up over time, but all the time it wildly goes up and then down. He told me that every year the low price is higher than it was last year.

I am working for a place that sells insurance right now. Their IT department is me and another person, a really good looking girl about six years older than me. Before I got there she had to do all of it on her own and so she is really happy to have me help her. However she knows that it is not what I really want to do. I need a job and so for now it is what is, as they say. However it is not what I want to do. Fortunately between the two of us, there is not an incredible amount of work to do and I have started to work on a couple of freelance jobs that I picked up because I happened to know a couple of people with their own businesses to run.

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