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I Got a Great Job Offer My Boss Recently

21 August 2017 by admin

My work partner and I were called into a meeting with our boss last week, and we were both asked if we would like to work out of our satellite office in Florida. Considering that we work and live in very cold Minnesota, we were both very ecstatic and said that we would love to. My boss said that they are willing to give each of us our own unity at Treasures on the Bay Apartments and pay for everything for a year. They said they felt this would help offset any other costs that we will need to incur. This sounded fantastic. The thought of being able to live where a heavy coat and lots of heavy clothing for long winters is something that I have wanted for more years than I can remember.

I did not grow up in Minnesota. I went there because I wanted to become a journalist, and the first place that hired me happened to be there. I never got used to the very long Winters. Sure, the snow can be pretty on many occasion, but -10 degrees weather gets really old fast. I don’t like to shovel my driveway, because it can take hours to do many times during bad weather. I don’t like needing to use snow chains, and I don’t like leaving an hour earlier for work so that I can make sure that I can drive slowly over ice without slipping and crashing my car. I like being outdoors, and that is not easy to do when you are snowed in for days at a time.

I am imagining myself wearing all sorts of tropical colors, and I know that I will need some great bathing suits. It will be fantastic to have time and ability to hit the beach because it will be so close to where I will be living soon. I love everything tropical, and I really like the food and fish that they have to eat in tropical. I know that I will be a lot happier there.

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