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I Have Been House Sitting for Jake

22 December 2021 by admin

I did not understood what Jake meant when he told me that his wife was going to make him move out of his house until I spent last week house sitting for him. It turns out that the house right next door now belongs to a large group of extremely beautiful girls who spend nearly all of their time wearing almost no clothes. One of them actually runs a Utah escort service I would learn. I am sure there must be laws against looking this good in your own back yard here in Utah. At any rate I made sure to introduce myself as quickly as I could, but they told me that Jake had warned them about me. Apparently he had gone out of his way to tell them all about me, like a true friend he had lied in just the right way. Now I can cook quite well, but he told them that I was a five star chef.

I laughed when they told me this and told them that Jake was my best friend forever, and I could see why his wife did not like them moving in. Apparently the house was just an investment for them and fortunately for me these girls worked hardly at all and were quite often bored. Four of them lived them including the older one who was probably 30 years old, but there were usually only two or three there when I cooked for them. They bought the groceries and told me that I would get a reward if they liked the meal. This turned out to be a lap dance usually, but once I told them that we would have Mexican and that expensive tequila was the perfect accompaniment for the meal I would prepare. They laughed at this, but were really well lubricated when the lap dances started.

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