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I Have Found a Girlfriend Here

25 November 2018 by admin

I have been doing well over here or I suppose that I should say that I have been doing well down here, since we are South of the Equator. I spent a few hours in Sydney after the flight from San Francisco. I was really sick of flying and hated the thought of getting back on a plane, but the flight from Sydney to here is a tiny hop after that. Somehow I managed to find a girlfriend, I needed a haircut and I went to a mobile hairdresser in Melbourne and there was a pretty long wait there, which turned out to be a good thing I think. She is really very good looking, but she does not act as though she believes that she is and claims that she is only recently blossomed. I find that hard to believe, but of course I know girls who used to be hot and are not so hot now. I suppose that there are girls for which it goes the other way.

I was reading a surf magazine and trying to figure out where to surf around here. It is summer down here if you did not know it, when it is winter at home it is summer down in the Southern hemisphere. At any rate that was how it started. She told me how to find the sort of surf I wanted, since I told here that I had lived in Newport Beach about six years ago and that I had not been on a surfboard since then. Of course there is really good surf there and you have to get used to what you have, so back then I was a good surfer in six and seven foot breaks. Now I suspected I might need to start out on less challenging waves.

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