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I Just Got to Asheville

15 August 2017 by admin

I was looking around for a new place to live and I found this really awesome place, but unfortunately it had a really big rent too. If you click here you can check it out. For a single bedroom unit the cost was about twelve hundred and fifty dollars per month. However it was only a hundred dollars more for a two bedroom unit and so I started to wonder how hard it would be to find a decent roommate. Obviously you do not want to just find some random guy who may or may not do what you need him to do. Instead you need a person with a good job who is going to keep his good job. The big thing is that you need the other half of the rent every single month. In fact there is even more to it than that obviously. For example you would not want a smoker unless you were a smoker too, in which case you may not have much of a choice about that. I certainly would not tolerate anyone smoking inside the place.

This place has all of the stuff that I would want, and some other stuff that I do not really care about. There are a bunch of basketball courts, which is only good if you have good games. However my friends and I could get a game together pretty easy, then we could watch games at my place. The thing that I really love is the gym, because I love to work out early in the morning. I will wake up at around six in the morning and go running most days. However you can not run when it is raining or if it is too hot or too cold, then you may want to do it on a treadmill instead. There is a great swimming pool as well.

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