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I Took the Time to Think About What is Important to My Life

24 August 2017 by admin

It occurred to me that I needed to be closer to my family. When it came time to apply for colleges many years ago, I applied to schools that were many states away because I wanted to see more in life. But life has been tough and I realized that I need my family, just as much as they need me. I found myself looking at apartments for rent in Tucker GA often because I wanted to come home again. I decided to talk to my mom about it because I was a little conflicted due to the job that I had.

I worked hard to get to where I was with the company that I got hired at right out of college. I wanted to make something of myself and make sure that I didn’t have to struggle with money often since I was on my own. I accomplished that, but then I found out that I had a chronic illness. It really made me slow down a bit and think more about what is really important to me in life. Coworkers really didn’t care about my problems. They act like they do, but they simply listen and move on because they don’t have time to give a lot of emotional support. I realized that I needed my family for that.

My mom said she would support whatever my choice was, but she also reminded me that family is for life. Coworkers and friends often come and go, and people you think that you are really close to can disappear from your life next week or months from now, and you never hear from them again. I realized that she was right. So, mom and I worked out a schedule for me to quit my job and move back to my home city again.

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