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I Want to Learn Cybersecurity

17 August 2018 by admin

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I should do after I get out of high school and how I can be happy doing it as well. Obviously you would like to find a way to earn a living and be happy at doing it as well. I have to think that the way forward is pretty obvious, although it is not so easy or so simple. For example you read in the papers about the Russian hackers, recently they say one of them forgot to use his VPN and that is how the FBI figured out who he was and where he was working from. The truth is that those guys are out there all of the time and most of the time the FBI is not really looking that hard for them. There are Russians and Eastern European Hackers, then there are Iranian, Chinese and North Korean ones, those are just the state sponsored operations. Obviously there are also ones that simply want to steal your identity and empty out your bank account or use your credit to buy themselves a new flat screen TV and all the stuff you would buy if you had the cash.

Protecting against this sort of stuff is going to be a really big growth industry. If you knew how to do it, then you would never have any fear of unemployment. Obviously right now we just are not all that good at protecting data, but when you think about it the job is really tough. As the saying goes, the good guys have to be right all of the time, twenty four hours a day and seven days per week. On the other hand the bad guys are out there trying and failing over and over again, but they beat you once and steal everything they can.

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