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Luxury Apartment Living in the DC Area

21 August 2017 by admin

Our new apartment in Washington DC suits my wife, kids and me. Our daughter has asthma, so the fact that Westbrooke Place uses zero VOC paint was a real help. We repainted her room at our old place once with paint that emitted volatile organic compounds, and she had asthma troubles ramp up exponentially. Our other daughter is an activist for ecologically-friendly things all of us can do to make things better and more sustainable. When she found out that each floor of the apartment building has a recycling center, she was all for moving there. The fact that they use recyclable carpeting and padding along with energy-efficient lighting was right up her alley.

Me? Well, I must admit that the lap pool being indoors and heated was a big draw. My wife was impressed with the fitness center. I was also really happy about the complimentary breakfast that is served each weekday. This really speeds up the mornings for us, or even allows us to get an extra 30 minutes of much needed sleep. My wife was also extremely impressed that the apartment has a Jacuzzi soaking tub. She has been wanting one of those for some time. This place was all around perfect for us and Jack, our psycho terrier, that can run around for hours on end without tiring out.

I am so glad that the kids are super active and not couch potatoes. I could not keep up with Jack on a good day, but the kids can actually tire him out. The Francis Dog Park is a short walk from the apartment. Being close to DuPont Circle and Georgetown works for me and my commute time. My wife is an author and works from home. She says that the Jacuzzi tub is part of her home office. I am not going to argue. I’ll just go do a few laps in the heated pool.

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