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Making the Move from Los Angeles to La Jolla

05 September 2016 by admin

After living in Los Angeles for more than 30 years, my family and I are finally ready to make a move and start looking at La Jolla homes for sale. I’ve wanted to move to that area for most of my life, and now it seems like everything is falling to place and it’s the perfect time. I’ve found an agent who will be walking us through the process of searching for and purchasing our new home. I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s quite resourceful and really listens to our wants and our needs.

I’m amazed by some of the homes she’s shared with us so far. Properties in the area are gorgeous and have more amenities than I expected. Once we find our home there, it will truly feel like we are living in luxury. Since La Jolla is a bit of a drive from us with traffic, we’ve done a lot of our home browsing online. We chat with our agent quite frequently, and she sets up virtual tours of properties that she knows we’ll love. It’s a great way to save time and keep on top of the market and what’s available.

One of the things that I learned throughout this process is how quickly properties sell. You really need to work with a professional that it on top of things and constantly monitoring the market, or it’s easy to miss out. When we do our virtual tours, if we see a property that we absolutely love, we’ll make a special trip out to the area to view it in person. If we think that the property might sell right away, we could even make an offer without actually visiting it in person. I think it really depends on the home. We’ll be moving to the area very soon. I can’t wait!

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