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My Daughter and I Found the Cutest Kawaii Clothes

25 December 2018 by admin

My daughter told me the other day that she would like to have some Kawaii clothes. I had never heard of this and asked her what it was. She told me they have a lot of cute clothes and a lot of them have cats designed into them. She was overly excited while she explained this to me. We went over to the computer and did an internet search for Kawaii clothing stores. I clicked on the top result and have to admit that this was a very cute and interesting site. The joy on her face dictated that we had to start looking further at the different items of clothing in this online store.

We looked at a lot of different hoodies with kitties on them. These turned out to be her favorite. They were really cute and had kitty ears other features that stood out. She did not know it at the time but I was taking mental notes as to which hoodies she liked the best. I had an ulterior motive to purchase these after she went to bed and surprise her with them as gifts from Santa since Christmas was not that far off. We even saw a cute hat with bunny ears and long soft arms hanging down to the girl’s hands. It said when you squeeze the paws it makes the ears move up and down. How cute is that? I think we browsed this line of clothing for about an hour and of course, she wanted almost everything she saw.

As soon as she went to sleep for the night I got back on the website and placed an order for the items I thought she liked best including the hat with the moveable bunny ears. She is going to be so surprised Christmas morning.

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