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My Son Wanted Tutoring to Help with His Studying

31 January 2018 by admin

My friend asked me why I was having my son go to tuition for physics when he was already doing so well in his classes. My son is an overachiever when it comes to school, so I could understand the question. It also explains why he wanted to be a part of the tutoring class when he started reading all of the details on https://physicstuitionsg.com. He does really well in school and is consistently bringing home high scores. However, he does a lot of prep at home in order to maintain his high grades.

It was not surprising to see him come home from school, study a few hours, eat, and then study until bed time on certain days. I never pushed myself like that in school, and I certainly didn’t want to see him pushing himself to the point of exhaustion on those days. He has such high goals for his life though, and he actually does enjoy learning. He would rather spend time with his nose in a book than out playing ball with friends. I do get that, but that did not stop me from being concerned on those really long days.

I think he checked into the tutoring to appease me actually, but it turned out to be such a brilliant move on his part. He told me that he had read good things about how tuition can help a student study better, and that is exactly what this did. He still has his nose in a book a lot, but he no longer has those all day study sessions. He even has more time to spend with his friends, which he realized he missed doing. So, he is still getting excellent grades, he is still studying effectively every day, and he has more time than he did before. That works for both of us!

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