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Nice Apartment and Decent Neighbors Was All We Wanted in a Place to Live

15 August 2017 by admin

We wanted a clean and affordable place to live. Some place where we actually liked our neighbors rather than being annoyed by them constantly. If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know what I mean. You make a lot of allowances for noise and rudeness because you do not want to be “that neighbor.” We needed to move because of a couple of families that moved to our floor. They were so noisy we could not even sleep. When I found Summer Grove Apartments, we had to take a look. You can see them if you click here to go to their website.

Summer Grove is a place that is within our rent budget, and it is nice. Plus, their pet policy allows us to have our dog. We needed to stay in Colorado Springs to be close to work. Neither of us wanted a long commute. Our new apartment at Summer Grove puts us within minutes of where we work. We have a nice space. Our furniture fits perfectly, and we are really comfortable. The one thing that makes it nice is that we actually know everyone on our floor. Even more important is that we like them. We really hit the jackpot when it comes to neighbors on our floor.

If you have ever lived in an apartment building, you know that it is a huge benefit to actually like your neighbors. We are courteous to one another. One guy works swing shifts, and we all know when he is on midnight. Neighbors with kids keep the noise down on his midnight shift weeks. That is how we all should be toward one another. We moved from our old place due to problems with other tenants. We are very happy in our new apartment. Plus, our neighbors have all been here for a good while too. Stability with who you live next too is comforting as well.

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