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Our New Apartment is a Far Cry from Barracks in the Desert

15 August 2017 by admin

I have put my time in living in everything from barracks to tents. It is one thing to go camping and sleep under the stars for a couple of days on a vacation, and a whole other thing when you have to do it. Now that I am in a new line of work, I really wanted a nice place to live. I wanted us and the kids to have space and new things. We found the District South apartments. You can click here to see how nice they are. Halfway around the world I lived in modular structures that were slapped together quickly. It was super hot or really cold depending on if you were in the mountains on a clear night or in the valley on a hot day. If you have ever seen a camel spider, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, our new apartment has all the things we would associate with fine living. There is ceramic in the bathroom along with a big walk-in shower. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Imagine that-granite in an apartment kitchen. We have three bedrooms, high ceilings and floors that look like hardwood. The apartment complex is all new. We have a private patio to enjoy as well. I really like how the courtyard opens up into a space that has a big swimming pool, an area to gather with a fire pit, and there is a clubhouse too.

Plus, it is right here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area that is convenient to where we work. It is also in the school district where the kids want to stay and graduate. We didn’t move far to get here. The kids still see their old friends all the time. However, it sure was an upgrade from the last place we lived.

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