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Our Young Daughter Loves Ballet Dancing

13 June 2019 by admin

I have never taken a dance class in my life. The most I have done is dance with friends when we were out clubbing when I was younger, and I was not very good at even that. My husband has only danced once, and that was at our wedding. He has two left feet so he doesn’t even subject himself to trying. That is why I was really shocked when my daughter asked me if I could look into Toronto ballet classes for her. I was shocked for two reasons. The first is because she had never shown an interset in dance, and the second is because she was only four years old!

I did not instantly say yes because all parents know how kids go through fads that can last less than a minute! I talked with her though to see why she wanted to take them, and I was impressed enough with her answers to do some research. I honestly did not know at the time if she was going to be considered too young to take ballet. I knew that there would be other dance options for her though, but she was adamant about wanting to take ballet lessons.

I was happy to find a Toronto dance studio that does offer ballet classes for children as young as three years old. The information on the website answered all of my questions, and I filled out an application to get her started. That was two years ago, and she has taken the Creative Movement class for her age range, and she is now in the Junior Ballet program. It is a continuation of what she learned in the Creative Movement course, so she really did start this at the right time. She looks so beautiful when she dances, and we are glad she did not inherit her parents’ dance skills!

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