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Paystubs Are So Much Easier to Use to Verify Income Than Tax Returns

09 October 2016 by admin

I get asked for my driver’s license, a bill that comes to my physical address in my my name and a paystub for a lot of different things. When I tell people I do not have a paystub, they look at me funny. They give me that look like I am some kind of cheater who is not going with the flow of things. They make me feel like an outsider that makes them go through extra trouble to prove things such as income. I avoid that now by using a real paystub maker that I found. I print one for each pay period when I earn my pay.

I work from home doing online work. I have spent countless hours trying to explain to people what I do to earn a living. I work for a bunch of different companies who pay me through direct deposit to my checking account and to online pay services. Each company has their own rules of payment. I pay the taxes on every dollar I earn whether it is directly deposited or if it is cash for fixing someone’s computer or doing handyman work. All of the money gets deposited into my checking account, and I pay myself a wage out of it. My biweekly wage is steady even though the income varies from week to week. On the good weeks I have some left over. On the bad weeks the leftovers are used to round out the current paycheck.

All of the accounting is to the penny on paper. Well, it is actually in computer software, but you get the point. I no longer get questions about what I do. My company name on the paystub maker implies web and computer work, and that is essentially what I do every day. Now I do not have to explain how one company might use direct deposit to pay a portion and another company might send it through an online pay service or how I might do work for cash from friends. I just use the online real paystub maker to show my actual income to those who need to see it, and there are no more explanations needed.

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