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Should Be Comfortable for the Long Ride

20 April 2018 by admin

I wanted to make sure that my husband and I were going to be comfortable for our first road trip, just the two of us. Our daughter went to college and we decided that we were going to take our time to travel the country for two weeks, we were going to drive her to school and take off from there. I knew that I had to buy truck seat cushions that were going to be comfortable for us as I did not want to have to spend hours in the vehicle while I kept on having to readjust my seat. I have a bad back and I went to my doctor and he told me as long as I got out of the truck to stretch every four or five hours that I would be okay to go. It’s not like I was going to be in an airplane and stuck with people next to me. I was just going to be in a car and as long as there were rest areas or exits to get off I was going to be alright.

I have a tendency to get sick in the car if I look down and read and I knew that I was going to have to plan ahead of time. I was going online and I was looking at books and which ones I wanted to have read to me. I was going to be driving a lot myself, and I knew that if my husband was sleeping that I was going to be good for listening to my books while he slept. It was kind of a rule that we wanted to follow, we would have to listen to whatever the driver wanted to, as it was supposed to keep them awake and make them feel safe.

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