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Sometimes a Tutor is All It Takes to Do Better

12 April 2018 by admin

I have always used tutors to help me learn the things I wanted or needed to learn. Years ago almost every job was through some sort of apprenticeship. A master of a craft would take you under his wing to teach you how to do something. You were obliged to work for the person for a set period of time. In some cultures in the world you could get arrested for abandoning your apprenticeship. I used tutors for everything from math in school to improving my golf game. I suggested physics tuition to our son who came home with a school report that showed he was struggling to keep up in his physics class.

He told us it was his commitments to the school band and his theater class that was the cause of him falling behind in physics. In later discussions we discovered that he was making excuses because he didn’t want his mom and I to think he was dumb in science subjects. The thought never crossed our minds at all. We know that keeping up with everything in school today takes a lot of work. Students are under tremendous pressure to learn vast amounts of information in a short period of time. I told him that if anything, it was his mom and I who were dumb in the sciences now. Comparatively, we had a lot less to learn in school. There have been so many science advancements since I have been in school it is ridiculous. Now kids need to learn the old as well as the new stuff.

He started in a dynamic physics tuition class provided by a teacher we found online. He is doing much better now. He is proud of his advancement, and so are we. I wish my golf game improved by tutoring as much as my son’s understanding of physics has.

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