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The Freedom of the Internet

15 December 2015 by admin

The web has changed business forever. That’s why it is so vital for us to protect the web no matter the cost. There are interests currently out there who are trying their best to create a web that suits their needs rather than the needs of society. They are trying to turn the Internet into something that will line their pockets with money while they stifle business on the web as a whole. Take for instance the fact that I can find an online quote for a rental car place. I can find an online quote with multiple companies, all of them competitors.

Now, if Comcast has their way, then one of those competitors could pay for a ‘fast lane’ while the others might not be able to afford this service. This means that for me, the consumer, if I visit a non-fast lane paying business then they’re website is going to load far slower than their competitor. This is absolutely ridiculous and is tantamount to a city planner trying to bribe businesses by cluttering their streets with road work if the businesses on that road don’t pay up. I can’t believe that this can even be considered remotely legal.

Yet, here we are. Right now Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon and AT&T are doing everything they can to force this sort of infrastructure through. The Internet has changed society to such a degree that we have to admit that is no longer just a source of entertainment or communication. It is a vital part of our society, our culture, our businesses and our very economy. If we do anything to threaten it we could see stocks tumble. We could see a slow down in buying power from consumers and we could see the very fracturing of American society because of greed.

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