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They Chose the Beach over the Mountains

03 September 2017 by admin

I really was not sure where to go when I started thinking about a vacation trip for my family. Mexico and Colorado were the two choices, so I had to decide between the sun and beach or the snow and skiing. I asked my family since they were going to be just as involved in everything, and everyone voted for the beach. Though we are definitely a family that loves to ski, the lure of warm sand and beautiful waters was stronger. I did a search for luxury vacation rentals for Cabo San Lucas because I wanted us to go somewhere we had not been before.

I looked at different pictures of the beaches in San Lucas, and I knew that it was going to be a fantastic place to visit with my family. We were able to get a small villa that was plenty big enough for all of us. This villa was the best place we have ever stayed, no question about it. First off, sleeping on vacation is important so everyone can have fun filled days, and the mattresses and beds here are even better than what we have at home.

There are also plenty of things to do right at the rental because we don’t want to have an itinerary where we are just running from one place to another and barely having any time to enjoy the slow paced days. The villa has a private pool as well as a couple of Jacuzzi hot tubs. There is a room where we can watch a wide variety of available movies on a huge screen. There are games and even a billiards table, a kitchen that would rival any back home, and much more. I am so glad the family nixed the idea of going skiing, because it gave us the opportunity to try this out.

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