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We Decided to Move to Florida

30 August 2017 by admin

I knew that when I moved to Florida, my youngest daughter was going to want to go with me. I had not planned on moving there until I retired, but an incredible job opportunity came up. I knew that I would rather spend the last ten years of my working life doing something I loved than where I had been, so I made a very easy decision to move. I went online to look at apartments, and I found one that said to click here for two bedroom floor plans, so I did.

Even though my daughter is out of school, she was still living with me. She had the option of staying where we were or moving with me, but I knew she would come with me. Her two older sisters were living in different states, so it really was just the two of us there. When I showed her a two bedroom unit I had found, she told me she loved it without even seeing it in person. I would have scoffed at that if I had not seen the website as well. The pictures are gorgeous, and the floor plan of the apartment I like is nicer than anything we have lived in before.

It would be our first time living in an apartment, but it was also our first time in living in something really new with a lot of amenities. There are no squeaky steps, lawns to mow, cracked sidewalks, and roofs that need to be repaired. All of that is taken care of here, and not by us. Also, the apartments are so modern looking and have so much to offer. It did not take either one of us very long to get used to living in Florida. Having a place like the Overlook makes it so easy!

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