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We Were Meant to Be Roommates

14 August 2017 by admin

My friend sent me an email that said to click here for website of the apartment complex she had been telling me about. It is not far from where either of us work, and she thought it would be really nice if we both shared an apartment there. We had been talking about how expensive it was to live on our own, and we had tinkered around with the idea of moving into an apartment as roommates. We get along really well so I knew that we would not have any problems living together. It also helps that we have complete opposite work schedules so we wouldn’t be spending all of our free time together.

I looked at the link that she had sent me, and I thought that the layout of the apartment is just brilliant for the two of us. Our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, and we each have our own private bath too. Her room also has a private balcony, which I am completely okay with her having because she uses that more than the larger balcony that is off the living and dining rooms. I use that one a lot, so it works out great.

We both love to cook, so the spacious kitchen is a dream come true. We also have a dining room that we use when we have mutual friends over for dinner. A real nice bonus that we were able to take advantage of was moving in almost immediately and getting the rest of the month for free. It was a limited time offer, and we were not about to pass it up. I am so glad that neither one of us renewed the leases on our apartments before looking at this one. It was meant to be that we would get this one together!

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