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Why We Got an ADT Home Security System

23 September 2015 by admin

The little kids that were the appeal here in our neighborhood when our boy and girl were just toddlers are now the reason we have an ADT home alarm system. The abundance of families with children the same age as ours was a huge attraction for us moving here. We wanted the kids to have plenty of friends growing up. Well, this age is a bit different than the era I grew up in. It seems kids today can be significantly different than the kids I grew up with. Some of them are downright scary in their preteens! Granted, the majority of the kids around here are still active friends with our kids. We get along with most of the parents too. However, there are those few bad apples that make you realize that you need to take steps to protect your home and family.

We live in a nice neighborhood, but there have been some serious crimes here. The perpetrators were those same toddlers that made us want to move here. Except now they are grown into young men and women who do not hold the same values as the rest of us in normal society. We definitely blame drugs for the increase in home invasion crimes where the actors are looking for drugs or cash to buy them. The police around here are great, but you need early warning and the deterrent an alarm system provides.

We have had older people in the neighborhood robbed and beaten by kids that used to cut their grass. In some situations a parent has already been in jail for years now. We like the isolation of our little cul de sac, and the fact that we are very close with the neighbors on each side. However, we definitely use our ADT alarm system and security cameras.

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